October 2018 by V. R. Duin


Whether you are writing fiction, writing nonfiction or writing books for children, you are part of publishing change. From sticks and stones to “selfie” sticks and drones every aspect of writing is changing.

Technology opens a great, new world for writers who know how to use it. Computers can be allies in the sale of books. It is important to understand How Technology Changed the Relationship between Writers and Readers.

Today's tech-savvy audience learns and transacts online. Distribution of entertainment and news is rapid-fire, on-the-move audio and video streaming. Listening can be done almost anywhere and while doing other things.

V. R. Duin has a long history of writing. A manuscript for a novel spent a year under review at a large traditional publishing house. After rejection, the title was used for another book by another author.

V. R. Duin turned to children's books. Her first publishing and book-selling experience, in 1996, predated the POD revolution. Increasing numbers of books printed each year have made it difficult to Get Paid to Write.

V. R. Duin entered the publishing world with a children's story. Printed offset with an ISBN and registered copyright, the first 3,000 book run sold out. Pre-POD, new writers were a novelty. There now is a surplus.

The days of sending articles or manuscripts “over the transom” are gone. Publishers stake a chance on inside rank and recognition. Unsolicited work and query letters are unlikely to be considered.

Marketing experts at publishing houses are being laid off. Formats are evolving to interactive mixes of text, video and audio delivered by voice or click at the reader's direction. Change creates forward thinkers.

Multimedia storytelling is the rage. Information and knowledge align with an interest in technology. Writers must be tech-savvy agents of change. Print books and bricks and mortar are becoming paralyzed relics of the past.

V. R. Duin studied animation, website design and image-editing software to further her writing career. A lifelong dedication to change takes a homespun direction in this writer's first video production.

“Change” is a silent tribute to mascots. Unlike other videos, sound will not be added. There are no time or space constraints in this industry of changing opinions, feelings, emotions and tastes.

V. R. Duin is the pen name of Terry Verduin. Her videos may be found on her YouTube channel under her real name. She mixes fiction and nonfiction to shake up the online platforms under her administration.

The words are original to the video. They were not extracted from published book content. “Gitty-Up! Horses get retired. Change does not leave us. Let's climb on and ride. Change is Super-Wired”! (35 seconds)