October 2019 by V. R. Duin


Grass Roots? Whether you are writing fiction, writing nonfiction or writing books for children, you form part of a publishing revamp. From sticks and stones to “selfie” sticks and drones every aspect of writing is transforming.

Writing Nonfiction

Maze? Technology opens a great, new world for writers who know how to use it. Computers can be allies in the sale of books. It is important to understand how technology vastly affects writer and reader relationships.

Doubling Down? Tech-savvy audiences learn and transact online. Distribution of information and news is rapid-fire, on-the-move audio and video streaming. Listening occurs almost anywhere, while doing other things.

Glory Daze? Multimedia presentation is the rage. Information and knowledge align with technology. Writers must be tech-savvy agents of change. Print books and bricks and mortar are cast as paralyzed past relics.

Writing Novels

Rain Dates?V. R. Duin has a long content-production history. A manuscript for a novel spent a year under review at a traditional publishing house. After rejection, the title was put on another book by another author in their stable.

Flame-outs? Complete and consistent failure abounds for fanciful concoctions. Moguls of fiction genres experience failures of books to launch. Inabilities to latch or hold onto target audiences shortens shelf lives.

Short Forms? Short attention spans and time impediments to reading are driving viewers from long, slow-moving scenes. Chunks for time-killers are becoming shorter, faster and sharper for small hand-held screens.

Writing Books for Children

Wanderlust? V. R. Duin turned to children's books. Her first publishing and book-selling experience, in 1996, predated the POD revolution. Increasing numbers of books printed each year make it difficult to Get Paid to Write.

Contributors? V. R. Duin entered the publishing world with a children's story. Printed offset with an ISBN and registered copyright, the 3,000 book run sold out. Pre-POD, new writers were a novelty. They now are surplus.

Tough Sells? Short manuscripts and simple text draw droves of writers to this worst-possible market. It is very hard to compete against school book fair books and reading lists. Book-buying parents want big names for their kids.

Writing Fiction

Red Alert? The days of sending articles or manuscripts “over the transom” are gone. Publishers largely stake chances on inside rank and recognition. Unsolicited work and query letters are unlikely to be considered.

Quick bursts? The time may be particularly wrong for works about imaginary events and characters. Fake news has fabrications under fire. The faster and more abundant the supply, the less patience remains for fiction.

Island Time? Marketing experts at publishing houses are being laid off. Formats are evolving to interactive mixes of text, video and audio delivered by voice or clicks upon command. Forward thinkers get ahead of trends.

Moving Formats

Dopamine High? V. R. Duin studied animation, website design and image-editing software to further her writing career. A lifelong dedication to remakes takes a homespun direction in this writer's first video production.

Beauty and the Elements? “Change” is a silent tribute to mascots. Unlike other videos, sound will not be added. Why add time or space constraints to this industry of uncertain opinions, feelings, emotions and tastes?

V. R. Duin is the pen name of Terry Verduin. Her videos may be found on the YouTube channel under her real name. Mixes of fiction and nonfiction shake up her online platforms.

The video transcript: Text is not extracted from published book content. Gitty-Up! Horses get retired. Change does not leave us. Let's climb on and ride. Change is Super-Wired! (35 seconds)