The Amazing Flight of Little Ray
April 2018 by V. R. Duin


As ocean-ward he fell, Little Ray could hear
The crowd on the beach begin to cheer.
Down and down Little Ray did drop.
He hit the water with a big KERPLOP!
(“The Amazing Flight of Little Ray”)

Writer mission marketing for socially responsible economic growth should benefit the publishing industry and all of society. It also may help individual writers to mitigate risks and advance career goals.

Missions cannot involve selling products or services. Consumers are aware of the social responsibility of the businesses and services they patronize. Writers may receive greater loyalty from their customers with a work culture of environmental impact and appropriate strategies.

The not-for-profit strategy of writer mission marketing is great for the world and for the writer. A social purpose may lead to socially responsible economic growth. It drives long-term planning. Writers may have more than one mission involving environmental, social or governance factors.

Writers must have a wholesome purpose. There must be a unique and engaging connection between the mission marketing participants and the writer's content and brand identity. To make an impact, writers must be in relentless pursuit of excellence and support issues that resonate in society.

Socially responsible economic growth is driving many successful businesses. Having a social purpose promotes better business governance and risk management. Reputation risk avoidance requires systematic analysis in today's value-driven society.

In addition to this mission for colleagues, V. R. Duin promotes literacy and numeracy through her Reading Rates outreach. Illiteracy hampers socially responsible economic growth of writers, the publishing industry and society as a whole.

Developing a writing business does not happen overnight. Business can rise and succeed due to active support received through mission marketing outreach to existing platforms. Writer mission marketing may arise from a niche created by the individual writer for his or her work.

The mission must be sustainable and authentic. Progress updates and revamped strategies can help drive business and build reputation. It requires an ongoing and systematic analysis of values-aligned trends. A mission helps a writer emphasize long-term planning over short-term results.

Social responsibility can result in material for additional books. Over time, a writer may become involved in multiple missions. These writer mission marketing platforms may form an anchor for a writer's personal lifestyle while driving socially responsible economic growth.

People are tired of mass merchandising and junk emailing for marketing and selling. It is increasingly important for writers to give back or reduce their impact on humanity and ecology. Writing is a business to which a mission should be attached for socially responsible economic growth.

Writer mission marketing unites and empowers individuals and organizations. It is not focused on self-interest. It is not intended to stoke the writer's own ego. It requires finding and focusing on a uniting force. The relentless pursuit of profits does not create a sense of excellence.

Social responsibility is mutually beneficial. A social purpose enables writers to see their readers' needs more clearly. Writers also can promote socially responsible economic growth by assisting colleagues with their work. Developing missions stirs passions and touches others.

Missions connect writers to other caring individuals and organizations. They become part of something bigger than themselves or their products, productions or services. Socially responsible businesses promote attract like-minded businesses, organizations and individuals.

The writer mission marketing platform becomes a universal cause. To sustain readership, writers must make an ongoing positive contribution to society. Positive energy is generated by participation in mutually compatible causes, goals, interests and concerns.

Socially Responsible Growth Helps All

  • Writer Mission Marketing V. R. Duin says:

    A defining strategy behind writer mission marketing connects writers to readers with a specific or general interest in the topic of the literary, social media and Web content.

  • Economic Growth V. R. Duin says:

    While the effects of social responsibility on economic growth have not been fully studied, socially responsible economic growth has been deemed so important that most successful individuals and companies engage in it.

    • socially responsible economic growthV. R. Duin says:

      Social Responsibility extends beyond philanthropy in the creation of partnerships, group efforts and team events that foster the economic growth of important social, environmental or public health and safety causes.