The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day
February 2019 by V. R. Duin


Cupid flew around the world
To find the perfect friend,
For Goopy, who was shy and kind —
And loyal to the end!
(“The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day”)

Tech-savvy writers should learn markup language for websites to get paid to write as freelance Web writers and to make writing pay in the development of websites and blogs that attract attention to their own brands.

Go where the readers are. It is possible to make a living writing. Reading has moved online. Writers cannot sit in an echo chamber and do what they've always done or what other writers are doing. Writers must become tech-savvy as well as net-savvy. There is money to be made for writing online.

Perform a self-audit. Gross annual incomes average $500 for self-published books and $5,000 for traditional books. Those who write about books tend to get ignored in this day in which technology rules. Writers cannot just believe in their work. They must expand their tech skills.

Embrace change. Tech-savvy writers can get paid for freelance Web writing. They can submit articles online for payment and get regular writing jobs. Websites and blogs for their own brands can blossom. To develop Web pages, blogs and gain control over comments on websites, technology is critical.

Commit with zeal. Enthusiasm helps pursue goals or causes. Few writers are paid for the toil of writing, distributing and publishing their own books. Potential does not earn paychecks or advance careers. Writers must take action to connect with the changing world.

Leave comfort zones Stand out for talents and ideas. Being different and more determined than the competition is the best way to find niche in which to get paid to write. Tech-savvy book writers are uncommon. Those who stay at the top have more than a written a book to offer.

Give and take. There is no dignity in begging friends and connections to “buy a book, like a book or review a book”. It is helpful to share ideas about how to promote a book. Information of value should be taken away and given back. It is unwise to copy other writers. Few books sell.

Read popular content. These may reveal changing audiences and trends in the profession. Exploring what sells may help get new work seen. Writers cannot survive in the isolation of written words alone. These words must become public works through online discussions and announcements.

Become a tactician. Books do not magically sell themselves. Tech-savvy writers can seek out online approaches with which to grow and get better. It is important to know how and when to make moves that create opportunities. Books that don't sell the first year are “flops”.

Flops leave careers dead-ended. Setting a new stage for what was done yesterday may make it new for today and tomorrow. It can take 2,000 sales of a book to break even with costs. First books of new writers that are published by mainstream publishers may not reach this number.

Crow about something of value. Self-serving material rarely offers anything of value to readers. Tech-savvy writers know to use stealth in the mention or depiction of books. It is helpful to develop skills with SEO to organize site content and build an audience.

Grow, get paid and get better The cost to create an SEO-friendly version of one V. R. Duin website was quoted at $20,000. She learned to manage her own SEO. With the proper focus and use of technology, content can be successfully presented to search engines and human readers.

Be dynamic. Technology is fluid and dynamic. Users can't get set in their ways. Technology is constantly changing. Tech platforms give are works in progress. Discussing ideas helps them become a reality. Writers must be open to positive outside experience, influence, feedback and knowledge.

Face the unknown. Developing an online platform can extend the life of a book. Avoiding the unknown is not the way forward. Practice on their own websites, helps writers build content, confidence and credibility for the next level of tech learning, upgrade, advancement or transfer of skills.

Be visible. The “pay-to-play” environment of social media no longer generates online visibility for a writer's content. Few writers can pay for advertising from the revenue stream produced by book sales. Book writing websites may work better than advertising.

Be Selfish. Tech-savvy writers do not have to pay anyone to build their platforms. Websites cannot be developed, then left unattended for months, years or decades. These sites fail to attract traffic. Search engines compete to deliver quality, authoritative content in answer to inquiries.

Help Others. Writers can find copy writing assignments online. They can handle website maintenance and updates for others. Tech-savvy writers can create commercial announcements, business productions, promotions, notices and advertisements for others. Writing for others can pay.

Be a live wire. Winners are not content with the status quo. Sticking with print media is not a wise decision. Jumping into the online world requires basic tech skills. Writers should not resist technology. Articles, blogs and forums across the Web teach writers how use HTML tags and protocols.

Avoid blind spots. Book writers must see where the industry is going. There is a huge market for tech-savvy writers on the Web. They have a readily marketable package of skills to fill in missing gaps for TV shows, movies, books, music, pod-casts and social media.

Bloom on new media. Starting with areas that are close to heart builds confidence. Writers can then move into areas that made them anxious and unsettled. Writers do not make writing pay by ignoring weaknesses. Tech-savvy writers can move forward with additional design skills.

All media types. Minimal technical training is required to learn markup language. Online websites, blogs and advertisements contain HTML. Site management systems automatically add it for administrators. Writers can focus on communications with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Believe in yourself. Writers may not pride themselves on artistic shapes, proportions or perspectives. They rarely need to provide sophisticated digital layouts or graphic designs. Designers often work in teams of in-house or freelance Web writers, layout designers and code programmers.

Become focused observers, problem solvers, researchers and time managers. It is helpful to learn have an understanding of website design, image editing and layout skills. To stay in demand, it also helps to have marketing, networking and analytic skills.

Be natural. SEO may be a cheap and natural way for a writer to make writing pay. Success depends upon the constant development of unique and relevant content to help raise website rankings by leading search engines. This do-it-yourself writing strategy helps draw attention to websites.

Get targeted. SEO requires organized content with targeted words and phrases. SEO requires a lot of writing. Search engines can read. They gain interest in sites after a page reaches 2,000 words. Once quantity is achieved, the quality of these words must be constantly updated and improved.

Write daily. The content must be shareable. It cannot be long and boring for human readers. This content-building strategy should attract regular visits from search engines. A website quickly goes dormant when the writing stops. Rare is the writer who wants to stop writing.

Don't go it alone. Without outside proofreading assistance, errors may be introduced with each revision by a lone writer. Tech-savvy writers use tools for error-detection and content management. Some tools are free of charge. Some of them can be licensed for upgrades and continuing use.

Be original. Machines are programmed to automate coding and generate text. Writers make writing pay by composing original text or by editing machine-generated component text. Machines do not yet have creativity to draw readership to the words they generate.

Ugly ducklings may go out of print. It is possible for books to be flops in places of origin and best sellers elsewhere. Moby Dick was published by an American in England. It wasn't considered great by anyone, anywhere, until after his death.

Save money. Research the lifestyle considerations and policies of foreign places online. Territories of the United States extend healthcare and Social Security benefits to relocated mainland citizens. These benefits are not readily available to displaced citizens elsewhere in the world.

Get interesting outside ideas. Freelance Web writers can add the needed markup language to a book writer's creative foundation. Of course, this comes with added cost. High marketing and production costs make it harder for a non-tech-savvy writer to make a profit.

Why to Learn Markup Language:

  • Get paid to write V. R. Duin says:

    Web Writers can get paid to write and provide markup language for websites, advertising, and blogs of small businesses, agencies and organizations with an online marketing platform.

  • Learn Markup Language V. R. Duin says:

    It is easier to learn markup language than to acquire literacy in a human language, both of which skills are needed for the new opportunities in Web writing.

    • Make Writing PayV. R. Duin says:

      As reading moves online, freelance web writers may move into career tech positions that make writing pay at large businesses, agencies and organizations.