The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day traveling around the world displayed at 50% of viewport width.
February 2019 by V. R. Duin


Cupid flew around the world
to find the perfect friend,
for Goopy, who was shy and kind —
and loyal to the end!
(The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day)

Tech-savvy writers should learn markup language for websites to get paid to write as freelance WWW or Web writers or make writing pay in the development of personal website platforms.

Self-Audit? Gross annual incomes average $500 for self-published books; $5,000 for traditional books. It is not enough to believe in creative work. Books get ignored. Technology rules. Deficient tech skills hurt writers.

Give and take? There is no dignity in begging friends or connections to buy books, like books or review books. It is helpful to share ideas. Information of value taken away and given back attracts attention and builds brands

Become tacticians? Books do not magically sell themselves. Well-informed writers learn how, when and where to create opportunities. Books are considered flops when they fail to meet first year sales targets.

Avoid flops? Setting a new stage for yesterday's dead-ended work may renew it for today and tomorrow. It can take 2,000 sales for a book to break even. First books published by mainstream often undershoot expectations.

Going out of print? It is possible for books to be flops in places of origin and best sellers elsewhere. Moby Dick was published by an American in England. It wasn't considered successful until after the author's death.

Save money? Lifestyle considerations and policies extend beyond borders. U.S. healthcare and Social Security benefits are offered to relocated mainland citizens throughout U.S. territories. These may not be available elsewhere.

Self-Publish? E.E. Cummings failed to find a publishing company for his poetry collection. His mother financed the production. Entitled in honor of thirteen rejections, his No Thanks volume became a self-published classic.

Commit with zeal? Enthusiasm helps pursue goals or causes. Few writers get paid for the toil of writing, distributing, marketing or publishing their own books. Potential does not earn paychecks or advance careers.

Make Writing Pay

Follow the readers? Reading has moved online. Writers cannot sit in an echo chamber, doing what they've always done or what other writers are doing. Tech-savvy and net-savvy are needed to make writing pay.

Be original? It is unwise to copy other writers. Few books sell. Creative writers can make writing pay by composing original text or by editing machine-generated component text.

Face the unknown? Online platforms extend the lives of books. Avoiding the unknown is not the way forward. Practice builds content, confidence and credibility for the learning, upgrade, advancement and transfer of skills.

Be visible? The “pay-to-play” environment of social media no longer generates free visibility. Advertising from the revenue stream produced by book sales may not be cost-effective or perform as well as website growth.

Leave comfort zones? To stand out for talents and ideas takes being different and more determined than competitors. Tech-savvy book writers are uncommon. Those who stay at the top offer followers more than books.

Ignore opinions? J. R. R. Tolkien struggled to get The Hobbit published. Publishers rejected the tone of his children's story. After it succeeded, publishers begged him to finish The Lord of the Rings, another huge success.

Read popular content? Explore changing audiences and trends. Knowing what sells may get relevant work seen. Isolated written words survive to become public works through online discussions and announcements.

Crow about something of value? Self-serving material rarely offers anything of benefit to readers. It is best to use stealth in the mention or depiction of books. Positive actions resonate in the changing world.

Learn Markup Language

Grow, get better and get paid? Developing Web pages and blogs gains control over comments. Learning to use the technology behind websites helps to successfully mold content for search engines and human readers.

Try all media types? Minimal training is required to learn markup language. Online websites, blogs and advertisements require it. Site management systems automatically add it. Design often is done by teams.

Beat machines? Machines now read and write. They are programmed to automate coding and generate text. Fortunately, they do not yet have creativity to draw readership to the words they generate.

SEO? The cost to create an SEO-friendly version of one V. R. Duin website was quoted at $20,000. She learned SEO techniques to organize audience-building website content.

Be natural? A do-it-yourself SEO writing strategy may be a natural path to success. To draw attention and raise rankings on leading search engines depends upon constant development of unique and relevant site content.

Get targeted? SEO is based on targeted words and phrases. To rank requires a lot of writing. Search engines may gain interest when a Web page reaches 2,000 words. Quality must be constantly updated and improved over years.

Help others? Writers can find copy-writing and website maintenance assignments. They can make money creating commercial announcements, business productions, promotions, notices and advertisements for others.

Tech-Savvy Writers

Stay in demand? Focused observers, problem solvers, researchers and time managers tend to advance. They know website design, image editing and layout skills, marketing, networking and analytic skills come in handy.

Avoid blind spots? Book writers must see where the industry is going. Tech-savvy writers have a readily marketable package of skills to fill missing gaps for TV shows, movies, books, music, pod-casts and social media.

Keep things simple? Search engines may be unable to render dynamic pages, JavaScript frameworks or other rich media. Developer formats may fall out of favor. Flash animations and AJAX schemes no longer are crawled.

Bloom on new media? Starting with areas close to heart builds confidence. Moving forward conquers anxious and unsettled weaknesses. Tech knowledge advances with each additional application or device mastered.

Take chances? Binge viewing, hand-held screens and short-format programming give on-the-go opportunities to talents on short budgets. Awesome-looking forays can steal the show from name-brand solid bets.

Be dynamic? Technology is fluid. Users can't get set in their ways. Tech platforms remain works and ideas in progress. Writers must leave the Sandbox Trap with outside experience, influence, feedback and knowledge.

Be selfish? Proficient tech users do not have to pay anyone to build, develop or administer platforms. Updated, quality, authoritative content in answer to inquiries beats neglectful competition over months, years and decades.

Believe in yourselves? Writers know proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. They may not pride themselves on artistic shapes, proportions or perspectives. Sophisticated digital layouts or designs may not be needed.

Write as Freelance Web Writers

Go online? As reading moves online, freelance Web writers may move into career tech positions. It is easier to learn markup language to structure online text than to acquire human language literacy for Web writing.

Embrace change? Writer perseverance can boost transitions from print to freelance online work. Money is earned for freelance articles as well as regular writing jobs. Websites and blogs for one's own brands can blossom.

Be live wires? Sticking with the status quo is not wise. Jump online with tech skills. Writers should not resist technology. Articles, blogs and forums teach writers how to learn and use state-of-the art advancements.

Test skill sets? A wide variety of assignments is on websites, like OneSpace or Upwork. Simple, lower-pay projects give starts for beginners. Advancement to complex projects brings correspondingly higher pay.

Write daily? Content must be shareable. It cannot be long or boring for human readers. A website quickly goes dormant when writing stops. Rare is the writer who wants to stop writing.

Don't go it alone? Outside proofreading assistance finds errors introduced with revisions by lone writers. Tools for error-detection and content management may be licensed for upgrades and continuing use.

Get outside ideas and support? Freelance Web writers can add needed markup language to a book writer's creative foundation. Of course, this comes with added costs, making it harder to make a profit.